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Visualize and categorize your leads to maximize sales opportunities

Streamline your sales strategy with our software suite by organizing your Total Addressable Market. Our platform allows you to categorize leads, visualize CRM coverage, and reactivate lost opportunities with unmatched precision.

Enhanced Visibility
Targeted Engagement
Efficient Recycling

Optimize your sales efforts with an organized TAM

Enhanced Visibility

Reduce sales cycle time by 25% with complete visibility into your market.

Targeted Engagement

Prioritize high-value leads and accounts to ensure resource allocation maximizes ROI.

Efficient Recycling

Utilize AI-powered workflows to rediscover and engage leads that slipped through the cracks.

Visualize CRM coverage

Get a complete view of your CRM coverage with our TAM Visualizer. Ensure you effectively engage every valuable market segment by reviewing your Total Addressable Market, highlighting both current coverage and potential opportunities.

Categorize Leads and Key Accounts

Use AI-driven workflows to efficiently organize leads and key accounts within and beyond your CRM. Achieve precise market segmentation that aligns with your value proposition, optimizing Total Addressable Market management.

Reactivate Lost Opportunities

Re-engage dormant leads and recover lost opportunities by analyzing past unconverted prospects. Gain actionable insights for tailored re-engagement interactions based on their updated needs and behaviors.

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