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Evergrowth Merges with Apolo

Evergrowth Merges with Apolo

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We're proud to announce our merger with Apolo Mktng, which leverages AI to deliver personalized marketing solutions. It brings together two innovative forces in AI technology to drive forward a more customer-centric approach to sales strategies. 

The announcement comes as our seed round has increased from €2 million to €2.5 million - breaking a Baltic record the company set in February. 

The merger is a key step on our pivot from a consultancy to technology platform. We will now have exclusive access to Apolo’s range of AI account-based selling systems and the LLM data enrichments development expertise of the Apolo team. 

Apolo has over 50 specialized workflows using state-of-the-art AI which bring highly accurate and personalized account research to clients. It uses the latest technologies, including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Multi-Agent Workflows and fine-tuned LLMs.

Since merging with Apolo, we have successfully onboarded all of its clients onto the platform with Apolo’s integrated technology, and achieved remarkable results. In the first month of operation, 77,060 prompts were generated, and 1,200+ AI powered sales co-pilots, with one client alone mapping more than 250.   

Jean-Baptiste Daguené, our CEO and Co-founder, said: “Our tie up with Apolo marks the next significant milestone in the development of AI-powered sales solutions following our oversubscribed pre-Seed Round. It brings together two cutting edge development teams with different backgrounds and expertise, allowing us to add new perspectives and processes to our operations. “Our platform is positioning itself as a leader in AI-driven sales solutions, with the ability to redefine B2B sales strategies and empower businesses to build stronger, more personalized connections with their customers.”

Alejandro Sanchez, CEO and co-Founder of Apolo Mktng, said: “Apolo was founded to push the boundaries of AI-driven marketing and sales solutions, and this merger marks an exciting new chapter for us. We are delighted to join forces with Evergrowth, a company that shares our belief in the opportunity of AI innovation and customer-centricity. By combining our expertise, we are poised to deliver unprecedented value to businesses seeking to elevate their sales efforts through AI-powered solutions."

The merger came about as a result of a LinkedIn post from our founder JB Daguené on AI enabled sales teams, which sparked Apolo’s attention due to the fact they were working on data enrichments for account-based selling. The affinities between the two businesses became evident over a series of interactions, and it became clear that a collaboration would be the most beneficial approach to accelerate development of the platform. Apolo’s team will now operate under the Evergrowth brand name.

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