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February 27, 2024

Elevating Sales Excellence: Evergrowth Secures Major Funding

Evergrowth secures €2M for its AI sales platform, set to revolutionize B2B sales in the US and Europe with personalized strategies.

Elevating Sales Excellence: Evergrowth Secures Major Funding

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey—securing a €2 million pre-Seed investment, marking one of the most substantial in the Baltics' history. This investment underscores the potential and innovation behind our AI-powered B2B Account-based selling (ABS) platform, which is elevating how sales teams engage with their prospects by eliminating spam and irrelevant sales messages. With this funding, we aim to further develop our platform, expand our team, and extend our reach into the US and European markets.

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Identifying crucial customer insights such as interests and behavior patterns

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Led by Impellent Ventures and Practica Capital, this investment not only highlights the growing influence of Baltic European SaaS startups but also emphasizes the critical need for fully optimized AI-driven strategies in sales and revenue generation. We're proud to say that we are already on track to hit €500K ARR within just three months of our MVP's launch, demonstrating the robustness and appeal of our platform.

Our AI-driven platform provides sales teams with instant, account-based granular insights, including intent-based signals for meaningful, personalized engagement with prospects. These signals, ranging from website visits to financial data and job postings, enable sales teams to conduct what used to be time-consuming research in just minutes, offering deeper insights and fully optimized messages. This efficiency allows sales teams to focus on higher value and more complex tasks, transforming the sales process's efficiency and effectiveness.

The inception of our platform was driven by the desire to address common challenges in B2B sales, such as non-personalized outreach and misalignment between sales and marketing teams. Our customizable workflow generation feature leverages LLM technologies to create dynamic, customer-centric sales frameworks that adapt in real time to market conditions, customer preferences, and organizational objectives. This innovation guides sales teams through every cycle, integrating seamlessly with existing sales playbooks.

This funding is not just a financial milestone; it's a validation of our vision and the innovative spirit of Lithuanian startups. We are part of a thriving technology ecosystem that's rapidly gaining recognition on the global stage. Our success and the investor confidence it has garnered spotlight the Baltic region as a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation.

As we embark on this thrilling journey of growth and innovation, our efforts and milestones have not gone unnoticed. We are proud to be featured on such notable news outlets as Venture Beat, BNN, FinSmes, EU-Startups, Silicon Canals, and in newsletters like Axios, Fortune, Sifted,, among many other prestigious publications. This recognition is a testament to our team's hard work, our platform's potential, and the supportive ecosystem that surrounds us.

With this new funding, we are poised to scale our platform to meet the growing demand for our solution. Our approach combines our deep understanding of sales processes with AI-powered capabilities to elevate sales professionals' capacities. We are committed to leveraging AI to provide our clients with the insights and tools they need to make informed decisions and boost their revenue.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities this investment will bring. We are determined to continue our trajectory of growth and innovation, driving forward the development of AI-driven sales strategies and cementing our position as leaders in the field. We are Evergrowth, and we are just getting started.

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