Templafy's Success with ABS Playbooks: A Case Study

By: JB Daguené

Templafy's Success with ABS Playbooks

Industry: Enterprise SaaS

Headquartered: Copenhagen, Denmark

Funding: $121.4M

Website: www.templafy.com

Templafy is a rapidly growing software company that is revolutionizing the way large enterprises work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. With its innovative platform, Templafy helps branding, compliance, and IT teams in large organizations govern and optimize how employees create documents, presentations, and emails in Microsoft Office and Office 365 applications.

Templafy's software ensures that employees have access to best-practice company content right where they work, enabling them to create consistent, on-brand materials efficiently. By centralizing and automating the management of templates, images, logos, and other brand assets, Templafy ensures that employees across the organization have the most up-to-date and compliant content at their fingertips.

The company has successfully secured prominent global enterprises, law firms, and Big 4 professional services firms as clients, many of which have extensive employee bases worldwide. Templafy's solutions have proven invaluable for organizations with tens of thousands of employees, enabling them to streamline their document creation processes, enhance brand consistency, and improve overall productivity.

With its commitment to continuous improvement, Templafy constantly expands into new markets and enhances its platform with advanced features. The company's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications make it accessible to users of all skill levels, providing a hassle-free experience.

Templafy's success stems from its dedication to helping organizations optimize their workflows and strengthen their brand identity across all communication channels. By providing a comprehensive solution for content governance and optimization, Templafy empowers enterprises to maximize efficiency, enforce compliance, and elevate their professional image.

The Problem

Templafy, a rapidly expanding company with a focus on international expansion, had already established a strong outbound sales strategy supported by a dedicated team of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and Account Executives (AEs). However, they encountered a significant challenge that hindered the team's efficiency and hindered their ability to maximize their sales potential.

The Templafy management team identified that a substantial portion of their BDRs' valuable time was being consumed by manual lead research tasks. Instead of focusing on their core strengths of engaging potential customers and arranging meetings, the BDRs found themselves grappling with time-consuming lead research activities. This predicament prevented them from dedicating their expertise and efforts where they could add the most value to the sales process.

Recognizing the need for a solution that could optimize their BDRs' productivity, Templafy sought a partnership with Evergrowth. They turned to Evergrowth's expertise in lead research, enrichment, and data-driven sales strategies to address the pressing challenge.

The aim was clear: to alleviate the burden of lead research from the BDRs, allowing them to concentrate on their core responsibilities and leverage their skills in engaging potential customers. Templafy sought a streamlined and efficient lead generation process that would provide their BDRs with a continuous stream of highly enriched and pre-qualified leads, enabling them to focus their efforts on meaningful interactions and setting up productive meetings.

The Results

During the partnership with Evergrowth, Templafy experienced significant improvements in their lead generation and sales funnel optimization. Here are the key results achieved:

  1. Targeted ICP Mapping and Enrichment: Evergrowth collaborated closely with Templafy during the onboarding phase to identify their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and key personas. Templafy had specific enrichment criteria, such as identifying companies that use MS Office or Google Suite. Evergrowth's expertise and data-driven approach ensured accurate mapping and enriched data for effective targeting.
  2. Extension of BDR Team and Lead Generation: Evergrowth's Lead Research Specialists (LRSs) seamlessly integrated into Templafy's BDR team, acting as an extension of their sales force. The LRSs provided an average of 200 newly enriched leads per week, empowering Templafy with a constant stream of high-quality prospects.
  3. Inbound Marketing Support and Data Unification: In addition to lead generation, Evergrowth's LRSs played a crucial role in supporting Templafy's inbound marketing efforts. They conducted parallel enrichment processes, aligning data points to optimize outreach results and enable data-driven sales reporting. This unified approach enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of Templafy's marketing and sales operations.
  4. Highly Enriched Contacts and Qualified Companies: As a result of Evergrowth's lead enrichment and data-driven targeting, Templafy's BDRs were able to focus their efforts on highly enriched contacts from pre-qualified companies. This strategic approach maximized their time and ensured they concentrated on the most valuable prospects within the sales funnel.

The collaboration between Evergrowth and Templafy resulted in improved lead quality, streamlined processes, and increased productivity for the BDR team. With a steady flow of enriched leads and a more targeted approach, Templafy experienced enhanced sales outcomes, ultimately driving revenue growth and expanding their customer base.

Key Achievements

01. Time Management

Outreach time for the BDRs team increased by 20%.

02. Email Access

€ 2,5M+ of opportunities created from Evergrowth leads which generated +1M in revenue.


“Working with Evergrowth team is super valuable to us. They accommodated their process to fit with our way of doing things here, they are always open to tweaks and changes when we want to try new strategies and customer segments and are always responsive. They provide a clear value to us and have greatly increased our BDR efficiency and ramp time.”

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I eat SaaS for breakfast, B2B Sales for lunch, and Data for dinner. I like my food spicy! Since 2014, I've helped 100+ companies to build and scale specialized sales teams with 6 main playbooks.

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