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What is Revenue Engineering?

We build demand-generation programs that drive awareness within your Total Addressable Market (TAM), generate demand, and convert it to revenue.

To build an effective revenue engine, you need to run sales & marketing programs that address all layers of the TAM Awareness Pyramid.

TAM Awareness Pyramid doesn’t suggest a linear buyer journey but rather shows the population distribution of your TAM across various awareness stages of your category and product. In other words, there are many more people who are Problem Unaware (L4) than Solution Aware (L2).  

You need to combine different strategies to address all layers of this pyramid:

Level 5 is minimized using effective account research and revenue operations work. This will add efficiency throughout the rest of your funnel. 

Levels 4 and 3 are addressed with effective Demand Generation programs. Your goal is to educate the market and establish yourself as the category leader.

Level 2 is a hybrid stage where both Demand Generation and Demand Capture strategies overlap. You still need to educate the prospect why our solution is the best, but you can also capture competitors’ generated demand using Demand Capture strategies.

Level 1 stage requires effective Demand Capture playbooks to capture demand created in the previous steps.

A unified revenue program will make sales easier and better. Successful revenue programs will result in:

  1. More Revenue - instead of fighting over Level 1 with all the competitors, you will address/sell to a much larger pool of customers (Level 1 - Level 4), who will be more motivated to buy from you vs your competitors.
  2. Higher Win Rates - buyers are better aware of your product and have more affinity to your company/brand, increasing your conversion rates across all your inbound and outbound efforts.
  3. Shorter Sales Cycles - deals move to Closed Won faster because you’ve enabled independent buying journeys.
  4. Higher Average Contract Value (ACV) - a more targeted approach with account-based programs and leading category position leads to higher ACVs rather than endless SMB deals.
  5. Lower Blended Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) - effective Marketing increases Sales productivity and lowers total company CAC.

Revenue Engineering Process

We approach program building from first principles instead of using frameworks that worked 5 or 10 years ago. Every process starts with a revenue assessment to establish a baseline.

It is followed by an infrastructure audit and setup to enable tracking and data-driven decision-making.

Finally, we’ll work with you to roll out the customer research process to inform our custom strategy prepared for your business.

Iterative Program Development

Revenue programs require the right combination of investment in building the engine and the matching fuel for it. 

The engine is distribution and infrastructure, such as paid media account setup or CRM integrations. Each engine requires matching fuel to run it. For example, LinkedIn ads require copywriting and creatives (visual); SEO requires content and keyword research.

An iterative process enables us to test new ideas and lean-into things that work rapidly. Once a channel/tactic proves successful, we look to scale it.


Work with our expert team to roll-out revenue programs that will increase awareness and drive revenue with your ICPs.

Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting

Building the foundational GTM strategy  for your business that will effectively connect Demand Generation and Demand Capture into a revenue program roadmap.

  • GTM foundation (positioning, messaging, ICP)
  • Revenue program roadmap
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Revenue analysis
  • Customer research

Demand Generation & ABM

We build and execute marketing programs tailored to your ICP that generate awareness and drive revenue. Our goal is to generate demand with your target audience that will later be converted via Demand Capture activities. This includes:

  • Program execution
  • ICP & account research
  • Paid content distribution
  • Content creation for organic social
  • ABM activation

Demand Capture & Performance Marketing

The goal of Demand Capture is to convert existing demand into paying customers. We do this by identifying the right media mix for your company, such as: 

  • Social Ads (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Search Ads (Bing, Google)
  • Intent-based outreach
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Review sites

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Alex is the Head of Demand Generation & Revenue Programs at Evergrowth. He was previously a Director of Growth at Toptal, CMO in Residence at 70V fund, and held other advisory roles at high-growth companies. He is specialized in B2B full-funnel marketing with the marketplace, SaaS, and service companies.
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