Account-based selling and specialized sales team consulting & execution

We implement proven account-based selling frameworks for B2B companies to build a predictable revenue engine and scale it with a data-driven sales system.
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Maximize your revenue potential with account-based sales

Account-based sales (ABS) framework focuses on capturing all of your total addressable market (TAM). It systemically goes after your ideal customer profiles (ICPs) rather than trying to churn as many leads as possible. ABS approach provides higher RoI by targeting high-value accounts and higher conversion rates through better alignment with your customers’ pain points.

Drive predictable revenue

Close your TAM gap and reach your full revenue potential with our account-based playbooks

Account-based playbooks

We help you reach all of your total addressable market (TAM) through combination of purpose-built playbooks.

Predictable pipeline

Our process ensures that we’re working across the whole funnel adding predictability to your revenue pipeline.

Systemic improvement

We work with you to improve your sales motion across all 6 dimensions of account-based selling using our 6D ABS framework.

Positive return on investment (RoI)

Target the highest-value accounts to make the most of your sales efforts

Target high-value accounts

Proven methods. Not every opportunity is created equal. We prioritize your most valuable ICPs.

Improve your close rates

A well-researched and documented target account list enables us to deliver a highly personal approach increasing close rates.

Let your sales team focus on sales

Our specialized sales team framework allows each team member to focus and be accountable for a specific part of the funnel increasing their efficiency.

Proven process that delivers success

Benefit from a proven system that has been deployed across 100s of companies but personalized for your organization

Proven and flexible system

We have deployed sales systems that deliver results across 100s of leading sales organizations. Our processes are fully customizable to your products, ICPs and are fully GDPR compliant.

Data-driven approach

Sales is a science, not an art. We are employing data to show us what works and fine-tune until we reach your targets backed by transparent reporting.

CRM that works for you

Our approach to CRM is simple: your CRM must work for your sales team, not the other way around.

A three-phase process to drive repeatable growth

Our goal is to build a predictable sales engine. We will guide you through an end-to-end implementation of ABS playbooks from ICP mapping, infrastructure setup to roll-out and iteration to deliver positive RoI.

1 week

Phase 1

We go through a mutual onboarding plan to set up all your systems and processes to execute account-based sales playbooks. At the end of this phase, we’ll build out the assumptions to kick-start the sales motion.
1 to 2 months

Phase 2

We test the market and proactively iterate through the process to verify and fine tune the playbook until we reach your RoI target. Our goal is to reach cruise mode wher we have predictable revenue and can invest in more pods.
2 to 3 months

Phase 3

We document all the processes and start scaling what works to drive even more revenue and capture as much of your TAM as possible. We can either add more sales pods or roll out additional playbooks.
We are a fit if
  • You have established your product market fit
  • You’re committed to trying top-down sales motion
  • Your average deal size is at least $10k  and sales cycle more than 2 weeks
  • You have at least $1m in annual revenue
We are not a fit
  • You don’t have any paying users yet
  • You don’t have any dedicated sales resources to close deals
  • You’re not willing to commit to an account-based sales approach
  • You’re in positioning graveyard
I’ve never felt in safer hands than with JB and the team taking me through what they would like to achieve and how they will do it. Combining this professional approach with an eagerness and willingness to continuously improve, you’ve got a winning combo in Evergrowth.
Thomas Bøglund
Head of Business Development
Working with Evergrowth appeared to be a determining factor in our success. They're always on the cutting edge of data-driven sales-ready to share his expertise in the most efficient way. JB is one of the most structured people leading one of the best teams I've ever met.
Petr Antropov
Co-founder & CRO
Evergrowth helped us initiate and structure our lead generation efforts from A-Z into an efficient setup in only a few weeks. With Evergrowth supporting our sales team and their data-driven insights, we are continuously growing our business 2-3x every month.
Justas Malinauskas
Founder & CEO


We deliver the right account-based sales playbooks based on your TAM, sales traction and positioning. You can activate our playbooks with your own team or hire our pre-trained outbound pod to accelerate top and middle-of-the-funnel predictability.

Account-based selling (ABS) strategy & playbooks

Our account-based playbooks for new business or customer success. A sales playbook is a documented sales processes. Sales playbooks must include the 3 key parts of the sales funnel: top, middle and bottom.

This playbook is best suited for sales teams that are still in the early stages of revenue traction. We’ll work with you to validate the assumptions about your ICP(s) and personas according to your positioning. 

The goal of this playbook is to close the gap in your TAM and generate revenue from targeted new business accounts. In other words, identify and reach out to ICP accounts that are not yet in your CRM and add them with all the necessary data points to enable personalized cold outreach at scale.

For sales teams with advanced traction and large TAM, we can reverse engineer the CRM data to adjust your ICP and TAM based on your customers’ data.


This playbook is also used when you are entering new markets or launching new products/verticals.

A meaningful part of your TAM will be in your CRM from your GTM efforts. However, having an ICP-fit company in your CRM doesn’t mean that the sales team has found nor connected with the right prospect(s). 

The average connection rate is between 5% to 8% (The more mature playbooks we run have between 20% to 30%), which still leaves at least 80% to 70% of your accounts dormant. 

The goal of the recycling playbook is to re-activate these dormant ICP accounts in your CRM with new contacts or recontact the same contact with a different approach based on newly enriched/researched data points.

Also, even the prospects that you have in your CRM get outdated quickly. In large organizations, 8% to 12% of the executives will change roles (internally or externally) every month. In other words, 8% to 12% of your contacts' data loses accuracy every month. Hence the need to recycle your TAM in your CRM.

Your Tier 1 accounts are key, dream accounts that have an outsized revenue potential. These companies have unique structures and buying processes; therefore, you need a dedicated strategy for each key account.

The goal of this playbook is to design a unique approach to land new key accounts that we later can expand into. This playbook works best with accounts that have at least 1000+ employees and ACV of more than 50K. 

Once you land a number of key accounts, you need to focus on expanding revenue to new departments or regions of existing key accounts. These organizations often make decentralized decisions for each department/business unit and regional office. 

This playbook is used to target and expand revenue horizontally on very large accounts (1,000+ employees). To do that, we map the TAM of personas for large accounts across departments, subsidiaries, and regions and design a personalized approach to engage them.

As your company ages, more and more customers will have churned. This playbook focuses on approaching past customers to re-engage them, making sure that your TAM is fully engaged. This is particularly effective if your business model is service/campaign based.

Hacks are non-scalable initiatives that can boost the pipeline based on time events/triggers. For example:

  • Booking a meeting at a specific tradeshow, conference, or online event.
  • Tracking the persona of existing customers that moved to a new ICP company, job ads alerts, etc.

These hacks can be tactically layer on top of other playbooks to boost traction based on pre-planned or triggered events.

Delivery & execution

We can augment your existing revenue organization to accelerate the execution of ABS playbooks, setup tools, or processes. We can also help you hire your own team.

Our playbooks are designed to take advantage of a specialized sales team. Lead research is a key part of this team. Lead Research Specialists (LRS) will build a custom-made database to capture your TAM directly in your CRM based on your ICPs so your sales team can focus on the part where they add the most value. 

This will be a pre-qualified list of ICP-fit accounts and contact details that are kept up to date to ensure your data hygiene in your CRM can be leveraged for data-driven sales reporting. Your lead research team is the only part of your sales team that has the incentive to enter unified data. Salespeople should never be in charge of data entry as this will not directly impact their performance. The CRM and the data should work for your salespeople, not the other way around. Amen!

Our lead research as a service offering can scale and adapt to your organization, or you can simply use our lead research operations managers to set up and manage your in-house team.

Our dedicated Sales Development Pods will consist of a full-time Lead Research Specialist (LRS) and Sales Development Reps (SDRs), supported by a Sales Operation Specialist and managed by an ABS Playbook Expert from Evergrowth.

SDRs will build out custom multi-channel sequences (email, phone, social) to active ABS playbooks and book meetings with your ICP accounts.

We can also help you set up, train and oversee your internal Sales Development team to successfully activate ABS playbooks and grow revenue. 

You can work with our sales operations team to deliver specific projects such as data unification, and account-based CRM setup, pipeline management dashboards, data-driven sales report, sales stack management, sales stack onboarding guidelines, CRM integrations or other custom projects.

Or hire a dedicated sales operations specialist to help with ongoing monthly tasks as described above.

We can provide training to level up your sales team’s performance with our dedicated workshops run by our experienced Sales Director, such as but not limited to:

  • Lead research best practices empower data-driven sales and reporting 
  • Outreach best practices, objection handling, and pipeline management to book more meetings
  • Running a customer-centric discovery/demo meeting and follow your prospect timeline and building mutual success plan and close more deals

We can also provide you with an on-demand (online) sales enablement academy that can be personalized to your product(s) and ICP(s).

Learn more about our Sales Academy and other sales training.

We can help you source and setup your internal team, for roles such as:

  • Lead Researchers
  • Sales Development Reps
  • Account Managers
  • Directors of Sales or VPs of Sales

We can also pre-train lead researchers and SDRs that can execute our ABS playbooks from day 1.

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